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Why Teach at LITAA Academy?

  • Stable Income : With LITAA Academy, you will have ample opportunities to create a reliable source of income.
  • Guide Students : Share your knowledge and subject-matter expertise with students and aspiring professionals to help them grow.
  • Community Support : Become a part of an impeccably supportive and enriching academic community of teachers and learners.
  • Greater Flexibility : You can enjoy complete flexibility with your teaching classes as they are conducted as per student convenience.
  • Better Networking : At LITAA Academy, you will have immense opportunities to collaborate and network for greater career growth.
  • Build Career : Build a rewarding and fulfilling career by doing what you love from the comfort of your home.

Who Can Be a Teacher at LITAA Academy?

  • Inventive and Creative : It is not enough to have knowledge and wisdom, but being a teacher is more about creative rendering of knowledge. We are looking for such creative individuals who can come up with inventive academic content.
  • Passionate about Learners : LITAA Academy is trying to help our aspirants chase their academic and career dreams. As such, we need teachers who are passionate about helping our candidates and their development.
  • Willing to Collaborate : Being a technology-driven learning platform, LITAA Academy looks to deliver flawless learning and coaching experience for our students. Hence, we wish our teachers to fully cooperate our processes.
  • Reliable and Available : At LITAA Academy, it is the convenience of the students that matters more for us. Hence, we are looking for reliable teachers who are available daily for at least 4 hours from 06:00 to 21:00 IST.
  • Ready to Learn and Grow : We want not just our students but also our teachers to grow. This is the reason we have immensely value-adding training programs and certifications organized constantly.
  • Go the Extra Mile : LITAA Academy guarantees the best learning and coaching experience for our students. Hence, we expect our faculty to go the extra mile and support our students as much as required.

Roles and Responsibilities of Online teacher

  • Design Lesson Plans : Online teachers design lesson plans and follow all curriculum requirements provided by their employer
  • Create question banks : Teachers must prepare question bank for all the competitive exams as well for the board syllabus
  • Create Assignments : Online teachers assign homework, special projects, and reading assignments to students.
  • Engage Students During Class : Online teachers encourage student participation and lead student discussions to keep them active and engaged in learning.
  • Provide Feedback : Online teachers provide feedback to students and assign grades to their coursework.
  • Assess Student Performance : Online teachers assess and monitor individual student performance to ensure students are keeping up with the curriculum and not falling behind the rest of the class.
  • Maintain Availability : Online teachers communicate with students and parents to provide progress reports and updates through online chat sessions and email. They may also hold online “office hours” so students and parents can communicate with them at their convenience.
  • Track Attendance : Online teachers track student attendance to online classes and report absentee students to their immediate supervisor, parents, or a school counsellor.

The Path to Become a LITAA Academy Teacher

At LITAA Academy, we have created a singular process that helps aspirants induct into the faculty of LITAA Academy as teachers. This well-designed, managed process ensures that only the best and most suitable candidates are accepted to teach at LITAA Academy.

  • Application : Apply to work as a Teacher with LITAA by filling out an application form with your details profile. The application will be forwarded for screening.
  • Screening : Your application and profile will be screed by our expert selection panel that consists of experienced academicians and subject-matter experts.
  • Demonstration : You are required to choose a topic of your preference and deliver a demo before our experts for evaluation to see if you fit our vision.
  • On-Boarding and Training : After you are selected, a teacher profile is created and documentation will be done. You will also be offered training for induction.
  • Start Teaching : This is the stage you have been waiting for. Once you finish the induction process, you are all ready to start teaching